Please properly dispose of all packaging materials

Caution Hooks are EXTREMELY Sharp - Use with Caution!.

     Offshore Tips & Techniques

When fishing NBJ in deep water try the following. If you are anchored over structure the lure can be vertically fished. "Bouncing" the lure off the bottom will attract fish to the wave like action of the teaser.

You can also cast NBJ out and "Skip" back in, this style will draw the fish off their structure and allow you to fight them over sand instead of rocks and debris.

NBJ can also be trolled for fast moving species like Tuna, Kingfish and other pelagic species. Try using a spread of different weights, no need for a down rigger or planer.

*** Remove Plastic Hook Guards By Turning Between Index Finger & Thumb

Remember, most strikes will come on the drop, Be READY!

NBJ Loop Knot Diagram

Offshore Tips & Techniques