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         Inshore Tips & Techniques

When fishing NBJ in shallow grass flats, it is recommended to use a "Twitching" type retrieve, so that the lure moves just over the top of the grass. Work the lure on the edges of sand patches where the sea grass meets. If the Mackerel or Blue fish are biting, use a fast erratic retrieve to land these speedsters.

When fishing the beach, try "Skipping" the lure about a foot off the bottom. This will create small puffs of sand that will attract fish from long distances.

When fishing piers or from a boat, NBJ can be fished vertically.

Allow lure to sink to the bottom, then using more wrist than forearm, bounce the lure off the bottom.

Remember, most strikes will come on the drop, Be READY!

*** Remove Plastic Hook Guards By Turning Between Index Finger & Thumb *** 

Caution Hooks are EXTREMELY Sharp - Use with Caution!.

   NBJ Loop Knot Diagram

   Inshore Tips & Techniques