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What are Nekid Ball Jigz ?

Nekid Ball Jigz are designed to catch many inshore species including redfish, snook, pompano, flounder and speckled trout, as well as offshore species including hogfish, tuna, snapper, grouper
and many other reef and deep water species. 

Inshore Series: 3/16oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz & 1oz 

Offshore Series: 2oz, 4oz, 6oz & 8oz.

What Makes Nekid Ball Jigz Better Than the Rest ?
• Quick change components allow the angler switch out the hand tied teaser to a color - flash pattern that works with the water clarity and feeding patterns of your target species.
• Glow-Hot colors quickly "charge" under a light source allowing you to fish on into the night or use in the pre-dawn  "Magic Hours" just before sunrise. 

• Under water light sources are recognized fish attractors and the NBJ provides  anglers with a glow color selection sure to attract even the most finicky of fish. 
• The unique wave pattern created by the NBJ's  ball chain more closely resembles the escape attempt of many different species favorite foods. 

• The 360 degree movement of hi-vis teaser and ball chain combo creates an under water action that drives hungry predators wild. 

• Increased casting distances provided by NBJ allows you to cover more fishable area, improving your chances of hooking up.

How are Nekid Ball Jigz Made?
All Nekid Ball Jigz are Hand Poured "Ear Ball Jigs" using stainless steel or bronze eyelets with Superior Glow In the Dark Automotive Grade Powder Coatings. Heavy duty stainless steel ball chain swivels and split rings are combined with Super Strong hand tied Hi-Vis Teasers on Mustad salt water grade hooks finished with a reverse attached Mustad stinger hook.

Fish Nekid !  Sign our guestbook and send your funniest submission(s) for Nekid Ball Jigz Laugh Lines! They've got to be "semi-decent"  Get as creative as you want.  We will let you know if we choose any of your laugh lines for upcoming NBJ Merchandise!  

Send photo showing a Nekid Ball Jig in the fishes mouth & a short "true" story about the one that didn't get away.

love to feature your special catch on our site!
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We've fished the inshore waters of the Texas's Gulf Coast, up and down Florida's West Coast from Tarpon Springs to the Keys and back up the East coast for over 30 years.  Nekid Ball Jigz have been field tested by some of the best inshore fishermen and women and they say, "Nekid Ball Jigz are "The Best Ball Jig to Catch the Big Ones !"
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